Iv’e been involved in various forms of car and motorcycle  competition for many years.


Oulton Park,Lodge Corner.

I’m currently racing a Ford Anglia in the HSCC/HRSR historic touring car championship.These are saloon cars produced before 1965 and include various different makes and models which run in capacity (cc) classes.You can witness cars as diverse as  Fiat Abarth 600 right through to Ford Mustang 4.7 litre in very competative racing.


This is a short film showing how things can go a bit pear shaped at times.

This shows the incident from another perspective.

The car is now repaired and we’re back racing again.

Pre65 motorcross is another  form of motorsport that i’m involved in.

I race a Rickman Metisse powered by a 475cc BSA Victor engine.

Here’s a clip of a short race at Gosfield ,Essex.

All my competition vehicles are built and prepared by myself using knowledge and experience gained over the last 40 years of competition.