Race Engines

This is a 1498cc pre-crossflow ford engine we recently built and developed.

Its based on a 1300 711M crossflow block,Farndon steel crank and con-rods and JE pistons.

(click on images to enlarge)

The cylinder head is a special downdraught casting which i am currently porting and machining to fit colsibro valve guides and narrow stem valves.

I have also machined inlet manifolds from bare castings,for the twin weber IDF carbs.

Completed cylinder head

JE slipper pistons and Farndon rods

Timing the gear driven camshaft

Crank and rods installed complete with steel main bearing caps.

Topend assembled. Rollerrockers and tube pushrods.

Completed engine ready for dyno session


Dyno session went well.

162 BHP @ 8000 rpm

120 ftlb torque @ 6000 rpm

Well Pleased!!