Recent projects with details and photos.

Aquaplane Ford Pre-crossflow Engine

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Porsche 904 Race Car Cylinder Heads

I recently repaired / rebuilt a pair of Porsche 904 / Carrera 4cam/rs61 historic race car cylinder heads, photos of the project below…

Porsche 904 Cylinder Heads 1

The work included the repair/welding/machining of damage to the combustion chambers.Fitting new valve guides and valve seats.Re-cutting multi-angle valve seats and re-machining of head gasket sealing faces. Continue reading

Ford Crossflow

Cylinder reboring for a Ford Crossflow.

Reboring cylinder block for a Ford Crossflow

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Line Honing

Ford Crossflow block.Line Honing main bearing bores.

After thousands of heat cycles,as an engine is used for many years of mundane motoring,the cast iron cylinder block will “creep” and distort causing misalignment of its main bearing bores. To remedy this problem the bearing housings can be line honed.This is essential to ensure free running of a newly ground crankshaft in its bearings .

This process is also used when fitting steel main bearing caps or centre main bearing straps to Austin/Morris “A” series engines.

We  also have special honing mandrels to realign Lotus Twincam camshaft bores.

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