Aquaplane Ford Pre-crossflow Engine

Aquaplane head,combustion chambers reprofiled and volume checked for 10:1 compression ratio.

Head showing porting arrangement. Suprisingly similar to standard precrossflow head,just larger port tracts.

711M Block being line honed

Rebored & Honed block,reconditioned conrods and Lotus Twincam pistons

Dummy build of block,crank and piston to determine amount to be machined off deck.This is necessary when using lotus twin-cam pistons in a 1600 block

Setting cam timing.We fitted a Cosworth A2 profile in this engine

Ready for the sump. Arp rod bolts,duplex timing gear and lightened/balanced flywheel fitted

Aquaplane head fitted,steel rocker posts and a lick of paint .

Completed engine ready for customer.Period “Aquaplane”rockerbox fitted.